Ha Tien to Kampot

Annie has been recovering from the flu so we took an extra day in Ha Thien to recover. On our ‘off day’ we had a little local ride around the headland south west and found some sleepy fishing boats and a local beach resort.

 After a nice evening playing cards and showing these kids some card tricks we retired for another early night.

It was an early start to do the 5km to the border. Paddy picked up some kerosene (dua lao) for the stove, which came double plastic bagged, no other container!

After the border Annie’s energy was fine so we decided to skip Kep and head on for Kampot.

We had a beautiful lunchtime stop and cooked fabulous noodles under the shade of a tree. We’re finding our feet well with the cooking and needless to say, again, the Helinox chairs are marvellous!

Rolling into Kampot, we eventually found a uber friendly hostel with its bar emerging from the jungle right on the river….perfect to swim and relax with a beer. If any cycle tourers find themselves in Kampot it’s definitely worth heading here (Kampot River Bungalows) where we have been pitching our tent for 1$ a night.


Cambodia immediately feels more relaxed, less traffic on the roads and Kampot seems a nice place to spend a few days.

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