Annie’s Birthday and the Russian Connection

International relations bode well as we’ve been spending time taking on the eastern bloc in the form of a friendly couple from St Petersburg. On the eve of Annie’s Birthday Sergei beat us at whist with his ice cold stare…then they sung happy birthday in Russian, so in return Annie rolled off a number from Oklahoma – bringing the house down in standard fashion.

There seems to be a big Russian presence here – the historic communist/socialist links remain strong. Our warm showers host, Kate, is originally from Odessa, Ukraine, but studied and lived in Moscow. We’ve been welcomed into her group of Russian friends and had the chance to join in their sunset yoga classes. Interesting folk, very serene.

Here’s out mosquito net/tent set up in their flat:


AC seems to have given Annie a head cold, so we’ve been off the bike for another day today, but did some excellent pottering about and planning.

It’s an early start tomorrow for the onward trip to Cambodia, first up is an early morning cycle to the SUPERDONG ferry (amazing.) then a run up to the border towards Kep on the other side.

Cambodia awaits.

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