5 luxury items which make life on the road a breeze

Hoo Too and a Hard Drive of films, tv shows and documentaries 

A morning of rain snuggled in the tent, a long overnight bus journey or simply killing time after the sun sets; we really like having the choice of watching a good film, series or documentary when on tour.

The nifty little device called a HooToo creates a local wifi code which your phone or tablet can pick up using an app. We use the app Tripmate. We carry a large hard drive full of media which plugs into the HooToo. We can then stream as much content as we like.

Helinox Camping Chairs

Worth their weight in gold. Read our review and consider buying one.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

We both love music and enjoy listening to it on the bike or when setting up camp. We have a Monster Clarity bluetooth rechargeable speaker which gives an amazing sound lasts a good 4-5 hours and we strap it to the middle of the bike so we can both hear it when cycling along.

Inflatable Pillows

Bought from Decathlon; cheap, light and comfy.

Extra Blanket

We bought a fleece blanket in China for extra warmth in our double sleeping bag when we were camping at 4500m but we loved having it so much we kept it and now strap it to our rack. Nice to have on an overnight bus journey or to use during a picnic or an afternoon siesta or power nap after lunch.

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