Croatia – Country No.19!!

If you look at a map Croatia is a funny shape… It has a strange section of coastline sandwiched invetween Albania and Bosnia’s only port, Neum. 

There is an important and beautiful coastal port town in this tiny bit of Croatia called Dubrovnik. It has a fascinating maritime history although now it is more like a historic tourist town.

We’ll be cycling more of Croatia in a few weeks after we’ve wiggled our way up through Bosnia and Herzegovnia. 

Dubrovnik was a nice place to stop for an afternoon on our way into Bosnia. Here are some nice photos. 

Lunch stop view of old city with its amazing fortifications
The port – Dubrovnik suffered serious damage during the Yugoslav wars in the 90s
The whole town is a protected UNESCO heritage site
Troup of musicians heading home after playing for the swathes of tourists who arrive daily by cruise ship

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