China in Stats

Total number of days: 58

Number of days spent cycling: 37 / 68%

Number of nights spent wild camping: 19 / 33%

Total kilometres cycled: 2831.3km – almost the exact equivalent of cycling from John o’Groats to Lands End and back.

Longest Day: On the road between Shaxi to Lijiang -115km 

Shortest Day: Afternoon cycle out of Ganzi towards Dege – 39.2km

Highest Peak: Chola Pass, Sichuan at 5050m (there were many others! I wish we had the total number of metres climbed!)

Total spend: 15,909Y (£1,690.44)

Average Daily Spend (excluding big costs such as other travel, visas extensions, bike gear, dentists etc):  167Y (£17.76) 

Total spent on Guesthouses and Hotels: 1735Y (£184.57) 

Total spent on trains, busses and shared taxi: 2086Y (£221.91) 

Total spent on new bike gear including clothes: 2900Y (£308.51)

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