Time to get back on that bike!

Our last week was very low key. We enjoyed some nice anchorages and gorgeous coastline walks but also had some very bad weather where we were trapped on a mooring in the boat for 24 hours.

Evening light in an old olive grove after an ostentation of peacocks had led us off the road on our walk
The calm before the storm – Poros
Stormy clouds gather – Poros
Luckily this gave us both time to finish our hardcopy books and I finally got round to finishing the cross stitch which was intended to be given to Paddy on his birthday three weeks ago! 

Today is our last day on the boat getting everything ready to get back on the road. Lots of washing, packing and fixing things.

It feels slightly surreal trying to remember how we packed everything in before and we’ve certainly bought way to much food – forgetting that we actually have to carry it all on the bike!

It’s been fantastic living on the boat. I’ve really got into the sailing and last night we both agreed that our lives the last month have been slightly ridiculous – pottering about the Greek islands on a yacht, anchoring in secluded bays, sunbathing in February – all while enjoying the company of friends and family who have been able to come to visit. We are both certainly looking forward to retirement!

But the reality of heading home has now set in and we are both looking forward to getting back on the bike. The last few days have seen high winds and torrential rain so we just hope we don’t see too much of that as we head north…

We celebrated our last night on Encore with a full chicken roast dinner! It’s now time to get back to cooking on the diesel stove.

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