Just under 12 months ago we were dropped off at Heathrow Airport with six panniers and a styrofoam box containing a tandem. We were headed for Vietnam. This week we officially crossed into mainland Europe and cycled to our intended destination; the boat Encore in Lavrio near Athens.

It’s been pretty great cycling across 13 countries with Paddy long legs… We have climbed 6 peaks over 4000m and 1 over 5000m. Cycled across deserts and through snow blizzards, along mountain ranges and sea coasts. We have slept in our tent 122 times, worn our way through 5 tyres, fixed 25 punctures and replaced 2 spokes. We’ve hitched lifts on cars, trucks, trains, canoes and motorcycles, and cycled nearly 13,400km.

The journey isn’t over but we’re looking forward to coming back to the UK for a month. This is us signing off from the blog for a while. Thanks for following and we wish you a very merry Christmas. We’ll be back writing again in 2017! 

Love from the two Londoners and one bike

Here are some of our favourite bits of 2016:

Temple hopping in Cambodia
6:30am start on U Bein Bridge, Myanmar
Celebrating Qingming Festival with locals in Yunnan province, China
Cycling to 5000m on the Tibetan Plateau, Sichuan Province, China
Cycling off road to Song-Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan
Cycling to the remote Zorkul Lake in the Pamirs and following the Afghanistan border, Tajikistan
Finally getting our transit visa and our mad four day, 500km dash across the Karakum desert, Turkmenistan
Experiencing first hand the incredible hospitality and kindness of Iranian people
Campfires and hearty broths in chilly Armenia
Dressing up for an evening at the Georgian State Ballet in Tbilisi, Georgia
Following the turquoise coast, Turkey

6 thoughts on “WE MADE IT!!!

  1. Dear Annie and Paddy
    I have so enjoyed your blogs, mostly opened and read in the mornings, before going off to work. Loved it all. ❤️ Anna has said you are coming up, (27th?), to see us. Can’t wait to see you both. Lots of love Dave and me xxxx 😘🎄

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  2. Hi to you you both – I’ve met Paddy (was on Noisy Oyster with Bernard & Co for the MSR last year) but not Annie – just wanted to say what a fantastic read this blog has been! I met Dermot in Poolbeg as you were heading into Armenia, and binged on the whole thing up till then on a night shift in work (shhhh!) and have been glued to the updates since. What a fantastic adventure – and what brilliant writing by you both. Congratulations on the whole thing, an amazing experience! Looking forward to the rest of the tales. Well done you both!!


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