Tajikistan in Stats 

Total Number of Days: 32(including 10 days in Dushanbe waiting for visa)
Total Distance Cycled: 1083.2km

Average distance per day: 61.9km over 17.5 days

Shortest Day: 29.8km Rushon to camping spot 

Longest Day: 105km Karakol Pass to Murghab 

Public transport: 1 shared taxi (final 300km to Dushanbe)

Hitch Hiking: 0

Number of punctures: 1 (middle of Dushanbe – the one time we didn’t have an inner tube or pump on us!)

Number of days wild camping: 14 / 45 %

Warm Showers: 0

Total spent on hotels: 2097TJK / £196.00 (9 nights in Dushanbe so this racked it up a lot!)

Average Daily Spend for us both (including visa costs): 222TJK / £21.36 but before Dushanbe we were averaging £12.72 per day! 

Days stopped due to illness or injury: 3

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