Kyrgyzstan in Stats

Total Number of Days: 45 

Total Distance Cycled: 1638.4km 
Average distance per day: 63km over 26 days

Shortest Day: 20.3km Osh to hitch hiking spot

Longest Day: 128.7km on the road between Osh and Bishkek

Pick ups / hitch hiking: 6 (3 of which were offered free)

Number of punctures: 1 (2 new tires fitted)

Number of nights spent wild camping: 20 (44%)

Warm Showers: 14 nights (we contributed 4000c to our stay)

Nights stayed in hotel or homestay: 11

Total spent on hotels: 7200c / £81.08

Average Daily Spend for us both: 1609c / £18:12

Days stopped due to illness: 0

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