Settling in Saigon

So, here we are then. We’ve just woken up from our first full nights sleep in the lovely house of Gina and Tony, our warm showers hosts, which includes AC, a pool, en-suite, Yorkshire tea and good company.

 We’ve started in a style that’s unlikely to continue but it is perfect to get over the jetlag and get set up.

 Gina works in the German embassy and has been all over the world – good stories from Addis Abbaba and Afganistan. Tony is a fitness trainer from Sheffield and is a big Conor McGregor fan – fair play. Along with the two kids and their dog Stampy they’ve been really welcoming.

 Our flight was fine except both UK and Vietnamese security cutting open the bike box! Luckily we had lots of spare gaffa tape and cling film. Thanks to Matt for dropping us off with lots of time to spare – it was needed in the end!

Today we’re heading into Ho-Chi-Minh which looks like a metropolis compared to Hanoi.

We might leave tomorrow, or we might stay one more day to plot our route to Cambodia. We’re going to go to an island somewhere along the way we think…,

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